About Catalog

Catalog is online catalog of products (car parts and accesories) which fits to Volkswagen Polo 6R. Personally it's a project to learn new front-end things and to try improving website performance.

I'm not a salesman, just a passionate person who loves to maintain and upgrade his car with genuine parts.
I deeply believe genuine parts are always the best choice for your car.

Please consider that some products, especially accessories, are produced in small quantities and appear seasonally - later they can no longer be ordered from an authorized service, but you can look for them on auction sites such as allegro, olx, ebay, eBay Kleinanzeigen, Facebook Marketplace, etc. This website is not a storefront just a online catalog of parts which are (or was) available to buy in local VW dealership. A lot of guys asked me about numbers of parts which they need, but I couldn't find any good and mobile friendly catalog which can recommend, so I decided to make it :) Some product photos are my own, but most come from Google and other image search engines. I just cataloged them (some of them sometimes needed a little retouching and minor graphical corrections). If you are interested in cooperation don't hesitate to write me - I'm open to a proposal.

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