ŠKODA Door Pocket Bin (Black)

The styling ŠKODA trash bin, is an elegant solution how to deal with the trash in the car. The upper lid prevents from the possible smell or the trash falling out. Its use is very simple. You just put it on the glove box rim in the door. The trash bin can be moved to the sides as needed. For an effective use, we recommend using bags of the size 20 x 30 cm.

The bin for the door panel from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range is the perfect solution to the problem of scraps of paper, receipts, small items of packaging, etc., cluttering your vehicle interior. It's not only a practical accessory, but a stylish one too - thanks to its shape in the storage compartment, it fits perfectly into the front door lining. The bin can simply be fitted onto the edge of the storage compartment. This can be moved to the side if needed. The bin lid helps to prevents odours and ensures that items don't fall.

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5JA 061 107 9B9

Colorsatin black
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ID: 608