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Connection cable for iPod

Easily transitions between playlists. Capable of playing every track on your iPodTM. Playlist name is also shown- up to 8 characters. Random play or shuffle all songs on your iPodTM. Song name also up to 16 characters appears on radio. Basic iPod Adpater for Gen 3 radios (12V charging only). IPodTM ISA (iPod Satellite Adapter) Access up to 250 playlists. Scan feature allows you to play the first few secondsof each track. Artist name is visually displayed up to 16 characters on radio interface. Can be used with a Volk-L Bluetooth kit.

Using the Volkswagen genuine iPod adapter, you can connect your iPod 4G, iPod 5G, iPod classic, iPod classic G2, iPod mini, iPod nano (1st to 6th generation), iPod photo or iPod touch (1st to 4th generation) or your iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4G to your Volkswagen genuine car radio or navigation system.

The iPod is easily controlled and the audio output via the car radio or navigation system.

• Ipod Adapter, Cable

• Fitting location: glove box.

Part Number



1K0 051 444 A

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